The ABC Group are companies made up of lawyers, economists and tax advisors specialized in labor, commercial, accounting and tax matters.

The advantage of having a multi-disciplinary team is to be able to offer our clients support in the main areas of their company, by experts who perfectly combine knowledge and practice, both legal and business.

We offer our personalized and scalable packs or monthly packages based on the client's needs.

Some of our packs are the following:


  • "Legal line" advice pack (online consultations)
  • Labor advice and management pack
  • Accounting advice and management pack
  • Tax advice and management pack
  • Mercantile advice pack
  • PIME pack (labour, accounting, tax and mercantile)
  • Pack entrepreneurs
  • Real estate advice pack

Are you interested on our services?

We prepare a personalized budget, always with the utmost confidentiality, for both companies and individuals.