Group ABC offers the service of resolving legal, economic and fiscal inquiries as well as the possibility of holding a virtual meeting in those cases where the client cannot or prefers not to travel to our offices to have a face-to-face meeting.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to send us your inquiry using the service request form and you will get a written answer to your questions, without the need to travel to our offices, or you can request a meeting telematics through the same form and one of our advisors will attend to you personally on the day and time agreed.

Operation of the service

1) Fill in the service request form and submit your inquiry to receive your written response or request a date and time for a telematic meeting, briefly indicating the reason for it (we guarantee the confidentiality of all data.)

2) Press the Send button.

3) Once the form has been sent, you will receive confirmation of its receipt and, subsequently, you will receive a fee proposal for the requested service by e-mail. If you agree, the invoice for the requested service will be sent to you, which must be paid by bank transfer to any of the bank accounts indicated on the invoice.

4) If you have chosen the online consultation service in writing, as soon as we receive the payment, within a maximum period of 48 working hours you will receive the answer to your inquiry by e-mail drafted by our Lawyers, Economists or Tax Advisors

5) If you have chosen the online meeting service, as soon as we receive the payment, the meeting will be held at the agreed date and time

Data confidenciality

Service request form: